Governor's Complete Count Committee

         The Governor's Complete Count Committee (GCCC) was formed by Executive Order by former Governor Nathan Deal on November 7, 2017. The Committee is charged to use the local knowledge, expertise, and influence to develop and coordinate a census outreach program. The goal is to increase awareness about the census and motivate residents in the community to respond. 

         In September of 2019, Governor Brian P. Kemp expanded the GCCC through an Download this pdf file. Executive Order . The GCCC is currently in preparation for ramp-up of the 2020 Census by helping Local Complete Count Committees (LCCCs) form throughout the state, preparing advertising and marketing outreach, as well as fostering beneficial connections between citizens, private organizations, and Georgia's state and local governments.

         The next committee meeting is in February of 2020. More information will be periodically updated on GCCC meetings.

Photo of the Governor's Complete Count Committee at their November meeting.
The Governor and his Complete Count Committee at the 2019 November meeting.