Style Guidelines

          The purpose of the guidelines provided below is to produce a uniform look throughout all media produced by the State of Georgia and its associates for the 2020 Census Campaign. The styles chosen communicate a professional, clean but modern look which represents the efforts of the state for the 2020 Campaign.

Georgia Census 2020 logo with State of Georgia peach emblem.

          The State of Georgia, through the Office of Planning and Budget has produced a logo to be used in all materials created for the Census 2020 campaign. This logo must be clearly displayed with no other graphical elements placed over it. Additionally, the logo must always be opaque and should not be used as a watermark.

          The full color palette is derived from the logo and may be used for all projects at the designer's discretion. It is recommended to be used for projects appealing to the general public and features a mix of text and media.


Found below are the links to the full branding guidelines and official logo.

Download this pdf file.Branding Guide for Census 2020 Media Campaign

Census 2020 Logo