Other Census Programs

          The Census Bureau conducts additional surveys that are supplementary to the decennial count. There are 130+ census surveys that are conducted every year. Each of these surveys help our country further understand how to best prepare for the future. 

American Community Survey

          Also known as the 'Long Form Census', the American Community Survey (ACS) shows how people live. Through the ACS, we know more about:

• Jobs and Occupations

• Educational attainment

• Veterans

• Home Ownership

• and many other topics

          Public officials, planners, and entrepreneurs use this information to assess the past and plan the future. This survey is conducted every year to provide up-to-date information. 

Download this pdf file. Understand the difference between the ACS and decennial census .

Economic Census

          Taken every five years, the Economic Census serves as the foundation for the measurement of U.S. businesses and their economic impact. This survey is sometimes referred to as the “business census". It serves as the most extensive collection of data related to business activity.  Nearly 4 million different U.S. businesses receive surveys tailored to their primary business.