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How COVID-19 affects Census 2020

Information on the counting of college students, group quarter enumeration, and early nonresponse follow-up operations.

Census 101

Census 101

The U.S. Census has been conducted every ten years since 1790. Every decade, we account for everyone living in Georgia so that we can prepare for the years to come. The 2020 Census will be historical because it is the first census that will be filled out largely online. Read below to learn more about how the Census affects you, your community, and the entire state of Georgia.

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Census Quick Facts

Find out what the Census is, why we do it, how it is done, and what comes next.

The Census is as American as democracy. The Census determines how federal aid is distributed, how district lines are drawn for Congressional representation, and helps our communities plan for the future.

By Georgians participating in this historic event, they will help improve their communities by ensuring they are prepared for the decade ahead. Check out our Census Quick Facts page to read a brief history of the Census, interesting facts, and other topics about the U.S. Census.

Federal Funding

The Census provides important information for the distribution of federal funds to many crucial programs.

Did you know that Georgia received more than $23.8 billion through 55 federal programs in Federal Fiscal Year 2016?

That is over $2,300 per Georgian!

Political Representation

The Census informs us on how district lines should be drawn based on where the population lives.

Did you know that the Census data helps us draw district lines for Congressional representatives, school boards, state and local representatives, and more?

Knowledge for Planning

Counting everyone who lives in Georgia helps us to better plan for our future, whether it be for education, business, safety, or the environment.

The Census helps us know how many children we should expect in classrooms for the next decade and how many police officers to hire in growing communities.

Hard-to-Count Populations

Many places are Hard-to-Count. Find out if your neighborhood is and what it means to be H-T-C.

Knowing if your community is Hard-to-Count allows for you and neighbors to prepare earlier to complete your Census forms. Check out the U.S. Census Bureau's H-T-C Map to find out more and how the Bureau plans to contact you.

Other Census Programs

The U.S. Census Bureau works year-round to prepare, implement, and utilize the information we get from the Census.

Have you ever heard of the American Community Survey, the Economic Census, and the Retail Trade Survey?

These are all important surveys the U.S. Census Bureau conducts.