About the Census

          By filling out the census, you are giving your community a chance to be best supported, represented, and understood. This 10 minute survey is much more than just being counted.

Black ink pen sitting next to a spiral notebook.

About the Census

Who: Every single person who lives in Georgia

What: A snapshot of the total number of people living in the nation every 10 years

When: Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Where & How: Submissions are taken online or by mail

Is my response safe?

          Yes. Not only is the information protected by Federal Law, but the Census Bureau is charged to keep your information confidential. Census information is only used to create factual statistics and can not be used against you. Online responses are protected with the highest form of internet protection.

Why should I care?

          The Census is much more than just a count of people in the nation.

          Because the number of people counted is used in formulas to determine to total amount of Federal Aid given to states.

          Because population change needs to be correctly recognized so areas are properly represented at the Federal and State Government.

          Because everyone from the private to public sector rely on these statistics being correct.